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    Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?  Or when you flip a coin before deciding which path to take?

    Experience has shown me that by opening your mind and accepting the day to day choices and changes we face our lives will benefit greatly.

    A chance meeting that started a conversation with a young guy while sitting in a chiropractic waiting room introduced me to a new level of wellbeing.  Unbeknown to me, he was the son-in-law of Les Robinson, the herbalist and owner of The Little Herbal Co.  (www.littleherbalcompany.co.nz).  It was later that evening when I was researching a health issue for my husband that a Google search led me to The Little Herbal Company and it’s products.  Having never heard of this company until that morning it felt as though fate was pushing me in some direction.

    One of their products is SIMBA, made entirely from the African Potato Tuber, (and tested and reviewed by Herbal Sciences International Ltd and Leeds Teaching Hospital UK) and it is this product that has completely enhanced my life.

    SIMBA works to balance our immune system and to allow the body to function as nature intended.

    At the age of 60 I developed a serious illness requiring major surgery, deciding to waive chemotherapy protocol and instead find a way to seriously boost my immune system and in doing so allow my body to heal and recover.

    On reading about SIMBA I knew that I would start taking the capsules. Within a week I noticed my energy levels respond, it felt good to sleep and wake energized looking forward to the new day and now almost 3 years later I owe most of my wellbeing to SIMBA.  I feel it’s power, I feel it rebalancing my system after a stressful episode, my body glows and people ask me how I keep so positive.

    SIMBA has brought synergy to my mind, body and nervous system allowing them to work in harmony as nature intended.

    So from a chance meeting in a waiting room I was able to turn my life from one pathway to another and get back on track.  This is called Serendipity.

    Thank you SIMBA and The Little Herbal Company.  

    B.M. New Zealand

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