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Fabulous FILISA for PMT and the Menopause

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For 15 years we’ve helped people with stress, anxiety and depression naturally and gently with our fabulous supplement Filisa. Over the years we have found lots of new ways to help people with Filisa – for cystitis, for candida infections and now for problems associated with irritability and other menopausal and PMT problems.

And, yes, we all get them – mood swings! We don’t know why but some days we just don’t feel ourselves and life just becomes one big problem. Even the smallest hiccup can have us running for the tissues or we can feel irritable and snap at someone for no reason at all.

And one of the causes of this are those little chemical messengers in the brain called neurotransmitters, Imbalances in these messengers may explain low moods, depression and sleep and appetite disturbances.

The ovaries play their part too and hormones appear to exert their effects on the mood-regulating neurotransmitters seratonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The anti-anxiety neurotransmitter GABA has also been shown to be low in women who are experiencing mood swings associated with both menopause and during PMT.

Normally, when the central nervous system is faced with excitatory triggers, such as stress or hormone fluctuations, the body increases levels of GABA, but this does not happen as efficiently when the body is out of balance. This in turn may lead to increased anxiety, hence those horrid feelings we have,when we feel out of control, around 7 days before our period starts or during the menopause.

The good news is that our wonderful Filisa (Sutherlandia frutescens) naturally contains GABA, the number one calming neurotransmitter, as part of the make up of the plant. Increased levels of GABA in the brain serve as a natural calming and memory-enhancing agent, and generally help one to think more clearly and rationally.

If you’re a woman and are lucky to live long enough, you’ll experience menopause. Is it unpleasant – yes it can be at times. But does that mean you should take drugs for it – not necessarily.

Sleep issues are among the most common complaints from women during the menopause and this can often be caused by hot flushes disrupting the sleep pattern . Often, the problem seems to be racing thoughts produced by an overly active brain. Filisa comes up trumps again helping with relaxation and sleep and also reducing hot flushes.

Says Cathy from the UK: ‘The good news is that the Filisa really seemed to be lessening the number of hot flushes I was having! The bad news is that I ran out so they are coming back again’

Says Adrianna from NZ: ‘Two years ago, after my 51st birthday, I began to experience the symptoms of menopause, especially the terrible heat followed by perspiration that would not leave me alone night or day. Last year, I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful woman who with her knowledge and medicine helped me with all these hassles. Les Robinson and Little Herbal Company entered to my life after attending one of her lectures. After taking Filisa, my hot flushes and sweating have been significantly reduced to the point that my sleep is not interrupted by sweating or extreme heat, I cannot be more grateful to Little Herbal. Thanks for giving me quality of life!'

Says Julie from Australia: ‘I wasn’t fit to live with every month for the week before my period – my poor husband and family didn’t know what to do with me. A friend told that she had used Filisa from Little Herbal Company to help with her PMT and I thought why not give it a go. I now take it for two weeks every month in the run up to my period and I can honestly say I’m a different person. I no longer snap at everyone for the slightest thing and I don’t feel all stressed and anxious inside - it’s brilliant. Good on you Little Herbal.'

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