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'Not recklessness, but confidence.' - How Filisa helped a cautious skier.


Well, we've never had a review like this before, but given Filisa's awesome powers of overcoming stress and anxiety, it completely makes sense!

"I'm not sure if anyone has ever given skiing feedback (!) but having taken the FILISA with my daughter for my own low grade anxiety, something remarkable has happened. Having first skiied in my early 20's, I have discovered that I have never skiied as well as I have this year. I couldn't really work out what was happening. I felt relaxed and also thrived on the speed whereas previously, I've always been a cautious skier. I didn't once have that 'how am I going to get down that' feeling when I went over the brow of a hill. I've been not only keeping up with all the children (and they're quite fast!) it's been my best ever holiday, my technique has improved and I've felt like I could become a proper skier, even when I've had a big 'wobble', I've corrected myself and stayed up.

After a few days I suddenly twigged that the FILISA had taken the anxiety out of my skiing and replaced it with relaxed shoulders, a better posture, a lot more speed and a lot of fun. Not recklessness, but confidence. It really has been a bonus and thought you'd enjoy hearing about my unexpected experience."

by C.P


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