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NALALA - a natural way to better sleep

nalala-sml.jpgNALALA™ contains a blend of:


Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis)

Winter Cherry  or Ashwagandha

Hops (Humulus Lupulus)

Passion flower (Passiflora Incarnata)        

Skullcap (Scutellaria Lateriflora)

Hawthorn (Cregeagus Monogyna)

Wild Olive (Olea Africana)

Sceletium (Sceletium Tortuosum)



Sleep is as important to the human body as eating, drinking and breathing. Without regular undisturbed sleep we quickly become disorientated, depressed and despondent. The immune system is adversely affected, leaving us less able to fight off disease and infection.


How to take NALALA™

Take 2 or 3 capsules with water 30 minutes before bedtime.

     Do not take Nalala™ during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. Not suitable for children under 12 years.


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