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    Dear Les,

    I was helped to such a degree, that words just can not be found to express the blessed relief both of these products offered me.

    They soothed the raging pain following the chemotherapy infusions, calmed a troubled mind, made everything bearable and placed all that I was experiencing into a dark place, where only its very dimmed and softened edges could be felt.

    Before taking my 'little helpers' I was drowning  by the constant onslaught of the chemicals, the feeling of being sucked deeper down into the darkness of pain and despair, to such a degree that I was becoming overwhelmed by it all, and then after the 5th of 21 infusions I developed shingles, and still the pain of the chemo outpaced this too.

    Bloated, washed out-emotionally and physically I attended my Thursday Clinic......and that's where your name and number was slipped over to me. I took the rolled up paper, from my purse as soon as I reached home. I read the details and immediately knew that there was something out there, a light, a candle of hope, another way forward......and what had I to lose, I already knew there was a very slim 20% chance of survival. 

    Within just a few weeks my white blood cells, which had been obliterated, driven so low that the count was -02 was back up to a very healthy near normal count, I returned to my cycle, returned to walking the moors and returned back to me. 

    The rest, I think is history, Les, as the very next day I came to see you and with the howling wind at my back, I was propelled firmly into your kitchen.......It's the same now as it was then, and I remember saying that I had never felt so alive (Thank You xx) 

    The pain was still there, but manageable without the painkillers. I was fortified by the knowledge that I felt good, and well physically and mentally and able to manage the remainder of the treatment. I still take Simba and Filisa, 7 years on, but in small amounts and increase when I'm feeling a little low...... 

    Highly recommended, they do exactly as they say they do on the tin! 

    And here’s a brief history of me:

    I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma with small cell lung cancer in 2006. 

    I was told, and have the paperwork which said my diagnosis was non Hodgkins. Apologies followed last August (2013) when the original diagnosis from Prof. Handcock came to light which stated it was Hodgkins! Anyway between you all, I'm still here. Just for the record the small cell lung cancer was a big bugger! 95mm and had grown around the heart. Which is why I had to have the intense chemo as I was too weak to take an open chest operation!

    I didn't get to find out this info until recently! Anyway, these things happen for a reason, and if my story can gently persuade someone who's dithering from jumping into the 'African Magic' to take a deep breath and 'get on with it' then that's all for the good. 

    I was diagnosed on the 31.01.2006

    Given the all clear on the


    I had 21 infusions of chemo - ABVD. One three hour session every second week. 

    Kindest regards

    Lesley W.

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