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About us

Little Herbal Company was established by Lesley Robinson in 1999 with the purpose of bringing worthy, traditional African remedies to the attention of the wider world. Our specialist selection is small but mighty, each product chosen carefully by Lesley and our pharmacist for efficacy and range of use.

Over the last twelve years, our products have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, and on radio and television. They have been used and endorsed by health professionals and celebrities, and have become famous in their own right.

Here you can read the interesting story of Little Herbal Company’s origins, and about some of the charity work that sprang from its humble beginnings. Lesley’s story is proof that it is never too late to change your direction in life; you never know what’s around the next bush!

                 Little Herbal Company is proud to support Ethendweni Orphanage


We're not just any old company selling alternative remedies; we have a very interesting beginning...

Back in 1998, Lesley Robinson took a well-earned break from her stressful 16- year career, as Clinical Marketing Manager for a pharmaceutical company, to go to Zimbabwe with her husband, Glyn. What happened to her there was to change her entire life.

Working in the world of conventional medicine, Lesley was never really involved with the herbal alternatives. But, in rural Africa, the alternatives are all they know and can afford. In the traditional villages you often have to go a very long way to see a medical doctor, so the villagers still rely on n'angas. Lesley was lucky enough to witness the work of the traditional healers firsthand.


For a number of months, a painful knee problem had been plaguing Lesley, and the pain had become quite severe in the days leading up to her holiday in Zimbabwe. When she realised that she would not be able to enjoy her holiday to the full as she could barely walk, she decided to take up the offer of visiting a traditonal healer for treatment.

Rosina was a traditional healer, complete with leopard skins and a necklace of teeth. She told Lesley to come back the next day, because on Wednesdays the spirits took a day off! The next day, Rosina gave Lesley a liquid made from a boiled root and told her to apply it to her knee. Lesley thanked her, but did not truly believe that her 'medicine' would work. Yet, after just one day of applying the medicine, Lesley walked 10 kilometres through the bush, tracking black rhino - something you cannot do if you are not prepared to run very fast! Since that day, Lesley has had no more problems with her knee.

That chance encounter with Rosina sparked off an interest in African herbal remedies which led to Lesley ending her career in pharmaceuticals and starting Little Herbal Company in 1999.



Little Herbal Company - "putting something back..."

Little Herbal Company donates money to help with southern African clinics, schools, and those desperately in need. We personally make sure that the money is allocated wisely. Our most recent projects include the building of a maternity unit at a rural clinic, and a library for a village school. On a more personal level, we have bought cows for needy families, and mattresses for their children to lie on instead of bare, earth floors. We also actively support Ethendweni Orphanage and Rosina's community.

Over the years Lesley has proved to be a popular guest speaker at a variety of events and to social groups where she talks about the origins of Little Herbal Company and some of the charitable work that the company is involved in.

These people are suffering terribly, yet they remain cheerful, proud and polite. They rarely ask for anything, yet they need so much.



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