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    Aloe Excelsia

    Aloe Excelsia is the ‘Zimbabwe Aloe’, named for its prolific growth amongst the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. It generally grows to tree height - between 3 and 6 metres tall - and has a central stem with a large, succulent rosette at the very top.  

    Aloe Excelsa contains the high number of lectins seen in other members of its family, including the more common Aloe Vera. Plants with a higher percentage of lectins are essential topically in the medicinal world for their coagulating properties, where application reduces the amount of bleeding in patients with extreme burns or severe injuries. This backs up evidence from traditional healers, who have used Aloe Excelsia for such emergencies, but also applied it to more minor skin conditions, such as:

    • Sunburn
    • Minor burns
    • Sores
    • Cuts, scrapes & bruises

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