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Bone Health

Q: Dear Lesley,
As you know, I am one of your long standing SIMBA customers and this supplement has been marvellous. I haven't had a cold for the last 4 years even though my grandchildren are always bringing bugs home from school!
However, as I am now approaching 60, I feel that I should be protecting my bones with perhaps a good calcium supplement.
Have you got any recommendations?
With kind regards,

A: Dear M,

You are quite right -- as we get older we do need to look after ourselves and protect our bone health.
A supplement that I really do like a lot is made by Lamberts Healthcare and called Multiguard OsteoAdvance.

You can buy this from Revital (http://www.revital.co.uk/Lamberts_MultiGuard_Osteo_Advance_50)

This provides good levels of both calcium and magnesium.

I would also consider taking an extra Vitamin D supplement which is vitally important to the health of our bones and teeth. The problem is 85% of us aren’t getting enough of this “sunshine vitamin” which can help to slow down bone loss.

Your body can’t create vitamin D on its own so it’s designed to make it through sun exposure. In theory, you can make an ample supply of vitamin D with as little as a few hours of week in the sun provided the UVB rays are strong enough.

Vitamin D works together with other nutrients and hormones in your body to support healthy bone renewal, to help normal cell growth and help to maintain balance in the immune system. Because we lose some of our ability to synthesize and absorb vitamin D as we age it’s important to take extra Vitamin D during the menopause when there can be accelerated bone loss.


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