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    What our customers have been telling us recently:


    My blood-work has NEVER looked better...

    I went to see my specialist doctor in Lupus, and she could tell me that my blood-work has NEVER looked better and she would not recommend me any medicine for treatment - as it is not active....I was completely over the moon and cried for 1 hour - just with all these battles I have had with my doctors....Thank you for helping me....I can´t thank you enough. 



    I would have been a lot worse without SIMBA...

    Just writing to say, even after having SIMBA for a short time, how much better I am than I would have been without it.

    I get a sinus infection that wipes me out for at least a week. Whilst I have had to get antibiotics for it, I KNOW I WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE without SIMBA. I hope in time, for this not to happen at all but my nose doesn’t work and the mucus goes down my throat. I have been able to be up and not bedridden, WHICH IS A REAL PLUS and still do what I have needed too.

    You may hear feedback from many but I cannot tell you what this means to me having lived with this for about 15 years now!!


    Also and just as exciting to me is the FILISA is working and I am in a much better place.

    Thank you, thank you.



    THEMBA - Substantial improvements with scalp psoriasis...

    I have been meaning to email you sooner, firstly to thank you very much for meeting with me and sharing your advice. After meeting with you I eliminated as many skin and hair products containing SLS, started taking fish oil and evening primrose tablets and of course using THEMBA on my scalp once daily. After the first week of doing the above we noticed substantial improvements with my scalp, we continued and are still continuing and my scalp has pretty much cleared.

    Thank you again for all that you do, I am one happy THEMBA user!



    Snow plough cures psoriasis!

    In April 1995, my Dad died – and my psoriasis began soon afterwards. I believe it was a reaction to the stress of losing him. It first began as small patches on my knees, then my scalp. Small areas became larger, very irritating and itchy. They were so unsightly that I felt too self-conscious to wear shorts, or go swimming. I was constantly aware of it. On times, I would suffer flare-ups and my GP gave me steroid cream, which cleared it dramatically but was a short-lived solution – as soon as I stopped using the cream, the psoriasis came back. Various other lotions and creams were soothing to cracked skin but no answer to the problem. I resigned myself to living with it. However, having cracked, sore skin lesions was a continual risk of infection and this was a constant hazard, as I am a farmer.

    In December 2010, with a winter of snow forecast, I bought a snow plough on eBay. This was to become a turning point in my life as it was how I met Glyn, Lesley’s husband. He explained that they were selling up to move to New Zealand and told me about their business, Little Herbal.  Intrigued by this, I pondered for some weeks, then decided to contact Glyn and Lesley to find out more.

    At this point, the psoriasis was covering extensive areas on both my knees, down my shins, and both elbows. It was extremely itchy, flaky and painful when the skin cracked, which it often did. I can remember running very hot water over these areas when in the shower, to try and give some temporary relief. When I discussed possible treatments with Lesley, she recommended THEMBA cream and suggested using SIMBA capsules also. She promised that persevering with these would give results, but also warned that it would take time, so to be ready for ‘the long haul’. I had nothing to lose, nothing else had given success in the past 16 years. So my journey with Little Herbal began.

    After a few weeks, the itchiness improved, which was a welcome relief. As the months passed, I realised the patches were gradually getting smaller. The occasional flare-ups were short-lived and not as severe as I’d previously experienced. Cautiously, I began to hope that Lesley was right. I continued with the treatment of SIMBA and THEMBA consistently. In a year, my skin was better than it had been in over a decade.

    Last summer, two years and three months after I began using Little Herbal’s remedies, my psoriasis had COMPLETELY CLEARED! I bought a mountain bike and can confidently wear shorts - that sounds such a simple thing, but the embarrassment that I suffered for years had affected my life in so many ways, physically and mentally. I am so delighted to share with you that even an extreme case like mine can be effectively treated – my only regret is that I didn’t discover Lesley and Little Herbal years ago!


    With KUSWERA ZURO, my skin has not looked or felt so good for a long time...

    "It all started up in the Pacific Island whilst cruising on our yacht for 7 months.  My partner noticed red marks on my skin and insisted I keep the sunblock on regularly, being fair skinned with blue eyes the sun doesn’t look upon me too kindly.  Unfortunately, this was not sunburn.  It was the beginning of Rosacea brought on by sun exposure.  In recent years I have suffered from Lupus and knew I would have to be careful with sun exposure.  I applied sunblock almost constantly fearful of further damage and knew I would have to see a skin specialist when I returned to New Zealand.

    By the time I got home, my skin was in a mess.  I didn’t want to go out as the areas effected by Rosacea were now raw and bleeding. The Rosacea was spreading so I decided to see a skin specialist urgently.  Unfortunately the Skin Specialist was overseas and couldn’t see me for three weeks.

    By chance I was reading the Northern Advocate, a local New Zealand paper where Lesley Robinson from The Little Herbal Company writes an column in the health section.  What I read, was the beginning to my recovery.  

    I started applying Little Herbal’s  KUSWERA ZURO herbal skin cream twice daily.  KUSWERA ZURO is a natural everyday moisturiser containing aloe, jojoba, evening primrose oil and, most importantly, the African Potato Tuber, which is rich in anti-inflammatory plant phytosterols.  Instantly my skin stopped burning and the healing started overnight.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the healing process took place.  I also changed my cleansing regime to a simple soap wash (ph balanced, non -perfumed) and toned with witch hazel location, before applying the KUSWERA ZURO cream.  Within a week all the broken skin had healed and the redness was disappearing.  My skin has not looked or felt so good for a long time now.  I will continue to use Kuswsera Zuro as a daily moisturiser to maintain my skins balance. Since using the KUSWERA ZURO cream I have started to take Little Herbal’s supplement  SIMBA – immune support to balance and regulate my immune system as lupus (an auto-immune condition) has recurred over the years during stressful periods.

    As for my appointment with the skin specialist, I cancelled that as he would have wondered what I was concerned about!"

    Sue T


    SIMBA - I really love the way I feel now...

    Even though my time is almost up, I am afraid to stop taking it because I feel so much better. I really love the way I feel now. 

    I have more energy and do not get sick with a cold every other month like I used to before taking these supplements.

    Because I have been so pleased with the SIMBA I decided to give the KUSWERA ZURO a try for my Rosacea.

    MG (by email)


    I fully credit SIMBA for my tremendous improvement and renewed quality of life...

    My immune system had become terribly depleted following a serious illness and I needed help to boost my wellbeing. SIMBA has been marvellous, the results being felt within a matter of days. I have now been using SIMBA for 2 years with my wellbeing and energy levels totally restored to better than ever before and my family, friends and everyone I meet, including my specialist constantly remark on this.

    I fully credit SIMBA for my tremendous improvement and renewed quality of life and totally recommend your product. 

    I wish I had discovered it sooner!!!

    Beverley M, Paihia NZ


    For me, SIMBA is a miracle cure...

    Two to three years ago I was diagnosed with Ankolysing Spondylitis (a form of Arthritis that largely effects the spine), and Chronic Corrosive Sacrillitous (a degenerative form of Arthritis that effects the hips).

    My specialist had me on a drug called Arcoxia, a potent anti inflammatory, and was looking at putting me on Humira. Both of which can have deadly effects. The former can  cause intestinal bleeds and heart attacks; the latter can cause lymphoma, a form of Cancer.

    I was in regular pain at night and down to taking the Arcoxia anti inflammatory every second day. This extremely powerful drug is also used to treat cancer patients.

    During the day I was getting to the point where I was having trouble concentrating and starting to get worried about where this was leading. I had been told by both GPs and Specialists in the field that there were NO alternative treatments that worked. (Humira I must add costs the Country $25k pa per patient)

    I thought there must be an alternative and within 5 minutes of searching on Google I found the Little Herbal Company …… what does that suggest to you?

    I took a risk and purchased 3 months of Simba, skeptical that it would do anything. Nothing happened for the first 5-6 six weeks as indicated and then suddenly one day I woke up and I wasn't in pain. I couldn't quite believe it and by that stage even one day without pain was like a 3 week holiday.

    Then the next I woke up again the next day and still no pain. I had to pinch myself just about to check that it was real. Just like that 90% plus of my pain disappeared and the rest is slowly getting better. I now mostly am unaware of any discomfort and now sleep through the night.

    For me Simba is a miracle cure. If you are thinking about trying Simba or another herb from the Little Herbal Company their products are for real and I personally can't recommend them highly enough. I have no association with this company and am just a customer who found them on Google.
    Definitely give them a go.

    Best Regards,

    MT, Auckland


     I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to try Little Herbal Company's products: THEMBA, OSHANA and SIMBA.

    I have had chronic Pustular Palmaplantor Psoriasis on both hands and feet for 3 years now.  It took some months before it was diagnosed and my GP's could not prescribe anything for it that was effective. A Specialist prescribed Acretin, which did give me relief but it can have the same side effects as some chemotherapy treatments, like hairloss and tiredness. 

    I took it for 7 months and then my hair started falling out and I felt like a lump of lead. Could only work for half a day and then would spend the rest of the day on the couch with my feet up and asleep. Awful.

    I stopped that medication for 6 months and the feet and hands got so bad  I had to start it again - and the warts also returned! I took it for another 7 months and the same things happened as the first time.

    It has been 6 months without it now and my feet and hands have packed up again, so maybe back to the Acretin.

    This time my local Pharmacist suggested I might like to meet the people from the Little Herbal Company and might like to try their products.  I thought it may be a good option (I didn't really want to use Acretin again)  and the next day the angry inflammation on the hands and feet had decreased markedly.  After one weeks use, the cracks on both hands and feet had more or less disappeared.  6 weeks later they continue to improve to the extent that they are almost normal. It also looks like my thumbnail is trying to re-attach itself fully.  It was looking like it was going the same way as the big and  little toenails - just very thick skin with no nails - you learn to be very careful about what you kick with your bare feet.

    I am very pleased with these products - the creams and pills - and will continue to use them to keep these horrible symptoms at bay - maybe even a cure.  I look forward to normal feet and hands and a full head of hair - and no warts!!  It is also good to be able to walk barefooted in the grass and sand, and be able to mow the lawns again.

    I have regular psoriasis as well and it is responding well to the treatment, and this treatment not stop my nails from growing and make my hair fall out.

    Thank you very much Little Herbal Company. I am pleased you came to New Zealand and am very happy to have met you.

    Thank you so much.

    Mrs K.M.


    I have been a disciple of THEMBA for several years after reading an article in The Sunday Times...

    Wherever I go, Themba goes with me. Now living in Chicago I recently added Kuswera Zuro to my shopping list and after just a few short weeks find that my skin has improved so much. Winters are harsh here, so using this daily helps enormously. Thankyou!!  



    Since taking NALALA I am sleeping so much better...

    I have been taking Nalala for the past 3 weeks and am nicely surprised with its effect on me! I have had trouble sleeping for the past 20 odd years some nights worse than others where I will wake in the early hours of the morn and stay awake for a couple of hours! I'm a great thinker lol since taking Nalala I am sleeping so much better and even though I wake at times usually to go to the bathroom I am more easily falling back to sleep! And I am finding that the next day I am feeling alot more rested, so many thanks for the opportunity to try these I will definitely be recommending to others.


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