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SIMBA testimonials

A selection of customer feedback we have received about SIMBA, the African potato tuber

Lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, immune deficiency, ME, chronic fatigue (CFS), high cholesterol, blood pressure

Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Natural Immune Support product SIMBA.

My immune system had become terribly depleted following a serious illness and I needed help to boost my wellbeing.  SIMBA has been marvellous, the results being felt within a matter of days.   I have now been using SIMBA for 2 years with my wellbeing and energy levels totally restored to better than ever before and my family, friends and everyone I meet, including my specialist constantly remark on this.

I fully credit SIMBA for my tremendous improvement and renewed quality of life and totally recommend your product. 

I wish I had discovered it sooner!!!

Beverley M, Paihia NZ (by email)


A Simba success story - Lupus/Arthritis

Since discovering  SIMBA, my quality of life has greatly improved. 

Modern medication proved ineffective actually causing severe and potentially damaging side effects and my condition continued to deteriorate fighting an everyday battle of pain and exhaustion.
I wasn’t taken seriously by the medical profession who took a long time to diagnose the condition.

Having read an article some years ago in the Sunday Times by Susan Clark recommending SIMBA by Little Herbal Company as a credible alternative to modern medicine for Lupus.

I contacted Lesley Robinson at Little Herbal Company and haven’t looked back since.  Lesley was very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject and since these early days she has consistently made time for me and answered my questions when I call for advice or to make a new order, asking after my health and enquiring how I am doing on SIMBA.

My sister was also diagnosed with Lupus and due to taking SIMBA from the start never developed the debilitating symptoms I experienced.

My current health is excellent and I am virtually free from pain.

Thank you to Lesley and the Little Herbal Company.

Marion G, Ireland (by email)

Hello all at Little Herbal,

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your help & advice this past two years. It all started for me in October 2004, when as a result of a motorway accident in our Motorhome (not our fault I hasten to add), the stress which followed saw me suddenly develop Psoriasis.

After years of trying various lotions & potions with not very good results, I read about Deena Payne of 'Emmerdale' fame, and decided to try your Simba capsules.

It was the best idea I have had in years. I can not thank you enough, as you told me it takes at least seven weeks of taking Simba for you to have any benefits, this is perfectly true, you have to persevere to get the desired result. Simba is absolutely marvelous and I have no visible signs of Psoriasis whatsoever, and I bless the day that I found Little Herbal & Simba.

If like me you are struggling with Psoriasis then please try Simba & persevere it will change your life forever you will not regret it.

Again a huge thank you to all at Little Herbal for all your advice & help in the past two years, if you were not on the end of the phone I would be lost, and congrats with your ongoing projects in Africa.

Yours Sincerely,

Dawn C (by email)


Just to say thank you for your pills which I received today in good order!

I also thought I would let you know that I am recommending you to my friends as both my husband (Psoriasis) and I (hormones & low white blood count) have had great results which seem to have only come about since taking Filisa and Simba respectively.

KH (by email)

I am just writing to tell you how much Simba has helped me. Back in 1981 I nearly died through contracting chicken pox at age 38. Since then I have been diagnosed as having an immune deficiency which results in my immune system destroying my blood platelets. I also suffered in 2001 from pyoderma gangrenosum after just knocking my arm. this is a condition which meant that my system started to eat my own flesh and I had to have two operations to remove the dead flesh.

Since that time I also had problems with serious nosebleeds and bruising due to the lack of platelets. The conventional treatment has been to give me steroids (Prednisalone) as well as Dapsone and three weekly infusions of immunoglobulin (Vigam). These treatments only kept my platelets bumbling at a low level (between 2 and 16) and I still had nosebleeds etc, Normal levels are usually over 100!

I tried dieting and other things but with no research and no developments I was fed up with little hope of improvement.

I was finally recommended to try Simba by a friend in 2009. I bought 6 months supply and after 3 months of taking 3 capsules a day found that my platelet level was consistently up to 35 or more.

By 6 months it had increased to 60 +. I have now reduced to 2 capsules daily and the levels are between 35 and 65. I no longer bruise at the slightest knock and have no nosebleeds. Also slight cuts and scrapes heal much more quickly.

I am so grateful that someone found this treatment that has so improved my quality of life!

(G T, by email)


I have been using Simba for 5 years now to keep a sudden but extremely unpleasant and persistent bout of psoriasis, in particular on my hands. I take 2 capsules a day, and haven't had a recurrance.

I have also noticed that my hay fever, which in the past had been acute for several months each summer,was very mild last year and is non existent this year.

The Simba seems to have balanced my overreactive immune system leaving me feeling healthy and thankfully free of the invasive and uncomfortable (not to mention antisocial!) symptoms I had in the past.

Diana (by email)


I received my order of wonderful Simba and thank you so much for your kindness which seems so rare in our society at times. It will not be forgotten.

(Vicky, by letter)


I've been taking Simba, for ME now since the middle of Summer (on my doctor's recommendation) and have been really good on it, apart from a few little problems when I first started. I feel better now than I have done for some time, so I'm really grateful that I persevered with it.

Thanks so much for your guidance. I must admit that I was totally sceptical about it at first, but thought I would give it a go - and the proof that it has worked for me is how I'm feeling able to cope with so much more now than I have for some considerable time. So a big thank you.

Mrs C.B. (by email)


I have had lupus for 10 years and from time to time I was quite ill. However, since I have taken SIMBA my life has almost returned to normal, it has also reduced my cholesterol from 6 to 5.6 in 2 months.

...My sister also has lupus and has had very high blood pressure for 40 years. After taking SIMBA for a few months her blood pressure is now normal.

I am happy for you to include this on your web site and also can you state that I have a relative who has had fantastic results.

(Marion, Ireland)


Since taking your herbal preparation 'Simba', my life has been turned around. From being lethargic, constantly exhausted, disturbed sleep pattern, despondency, inability to walk many yards before experiencing excruciating pain in my calves and thighs, then to find, after taking Simba for just a few days, I found my body working as it had not done so since early in 2001, which is when I went downhill quickly, to a point where I installed a day bed in my living room so that I could just collapse and sleep without having to prepare my bed during the day.

My body's mobility and all the other problems are now behind me and I find I am rapidly going back to the old me of 2001.

My whole life has taken on a new energy and joie-de-vivre - thank you very much.

(John, Cardiff)


I love your Little Herbal products, they have helped me so much with the recovery and I shall continue to take Simba to keep the immune system strong.

(S, Worcester, by letter)


Many thanks for the Simba capsules which I received today. We are so delighted with the improvement of our daughter. As you know she's only been taking them for 7 weeks, at that time she thought she was going into another relapse, and so she was only too willing to try something that might hold it off. We could not have foreseen the change in her. After only a few weeks of taking the Simba capsules, she has been able to feel things in her hands, which meant she has held her new granddaughter and fed her, used her hoover to clean the floors, drive her car (which someone has to drive for her usually) and her walking has improved too. After about 7 years of not being able to do any of these things, to us it is a great step. We are convinced it is due to Simba.

I can only say thank you so much.

(Heather, Sussex)


Just reporting back to you on progress....... he has had only one cold this winter (so far!) but had only very mild asthma symptoms with it... so, I think that the Simba has been a very positive factor in this


I am about to order some more for him!

Thanks for your help and concern.

(Mo, by email)

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