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    THEMBA testimonials

     A selection of customer feedback we have received about THEMBA cream

    Dry skin, fungal infection, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, verrucas, acne, dermatitis, acne rosacea


    For months I was plagued with itchy and tender red spots on my scalp. Various shampoos and ointments failed and even a very strong 10% iodine solution only temporarily provided relief but also burnt the skin.

    I have no idea what the condition was but THEMBA did and fixed it quite quickly over a couple of weeks. What a relief - no more irritation and nuisance flaking skin. It is also very non greasy or oily with a pleasant fragrance.

    Well done Little Herbal!

    Ian M
    Bay of Islands, NZ


    I have been using Themba cream for about four years now. It relieves the dry itchy skin and it also seems to encourage reduction of surgery scars that I have. As you know, my husband suffers from CFS/ME and he has to wear tube grips because he can not manage to walk without them. Since he has to wear them 24/7 the skin is very dry and no hair growth which he had a lot before this problem started. The itching could get so severe that the skin comes up in sores that bleeds and seeps at times.

    Any way, one day while I was applying Themba he took some to try on his knees and legs where the skin is very dry and itchy. Themba application relieved the itching skin and encouraged its healing. He had a jar of his own and used  Themba continuously for about 3 months, as the cream relieved the discomfort. Now he has stopped using it continuously and uses it only when needed.

    FB, by email


    Just to let you know that Themba is the best cream ever – although I suspect you already know that !

    I suffered from a fungal nail infection on my big toe for many years and tried everything to get rid of it, including anti-fungal creams from the doctor on prescription. In desperation I tried some Themba, which I had purchased from you because it’s brilliant for cold sores. I applied round the nail whenever I could – sometimes several times a day. To my amazement, there seemed to be an improvement after a couple of weeks and now 6 weeks on the fungal infection has cleared up and my nail looks and feels healthy again.

    This cream should be available on the NHS – its brilliant.

    Thank you Little Herbal

    Helen J by email


    My daughter had never had any trouble with her feet but suddenly developed blisters, a burning sensation and a constant itch. This was so bad that she would have rubbed her feet on the carpet until they bled - just to try and get some relief.  

    The doctor said it was a fungal infection and gave her some cream which seemed to clear it for a short time. They again became itchy and her condition seemed to be getting worse - the blisters were appearing along the side and over the top of her feet and she was very conscious of their appearance during the summer when she liked to wear sandals. Eventually her feet got so bad that it appeared as though they had been slashed with a blade! After suffering for four years and trying lots of creams she was referred to a skin specialist who quite casually said that she would just have to live with the problem!

    I read an article - I think in  My Weekly - about  Little Herbal and thought anything was worth a try and treated J to a jar of Themba. By the end of the first jar she felt that while there wasn't a vast improvement, there was certainly an improvement! So we ordered another three jars. J used the cream morning and night and while the results were slow they have been amazing. She now uses the cream every second or third day just as a precaution.  

    J would recommend this cream to anyone who suffers from as she says "sad" feet - she is delighted to say she now has "happy healthy" feet !

    Muriel, by email


    Could I please have a pot of your wonderful Themba for my grandson for his  eczema.

    As for myself, after suffering over 65 years of misery, I am now able at the age of 77 to wear shorts! In my case it is psoriasis, and although I still have a patch or two it is nothing like I used to have, and I wanted to pass on my relief to T. while he is still young.

    Thank you so much.

    KB, by letter


    After suffering from psoriasis since I was 14 years old (and I am now 77) you can imagine my joy at finding your product (Themba).

    It is now a few years since I first found Themba, but I get an occasional flare-up and also use it on every other little spot.

    Another thing is, my grandaughter suffered with acne type spots and has since tried it and now uses Themba for herself.

    Thank you so much.

    Mrs Katherine B, by letter


    I must tell you how delighted I am with the combination of the two creams [THEMBA & OSHANA]. My daughter is 9 yrs old and has suffered from eczema since she was a baby. We have had numerous steroid creams from the doctor over the years which seem to work temporarily but then her skin flares up again. We have been using your creams for about 6 weeks now and the improvement in her skin is already so noticeable. She particularly suffers from eczema between her toes. The skin cracks and bleeds and becomes very painful and itchy. In 6 weeks this has almost completely healed and, much to her delight, she has been able to wear flip flops this week! I can't thank you enough for your wonderful little pots of magic!

    Kind Regards

    Mary, by email


    Many thanks for the Themba cream which I received very promptly!

    My daughter has chronic eczema which can flare up very badly during the hot weather. This has just occurred and she had reached the point of severe infection about 4 weeks ago.

    Her skin was in a terrible state and she had gouged holes in her hands and feet which had allowed the infection in. Therefore I had a twofold problem of the itching caused by the eczema and that which was caused by the healing of the parts that she had scratched until they were raw.

    I put Themba on one half of her (i.e. hands, knees and feet) which had been affected the most and on the other half I put conventional steroid/antibiotic cream. Within 24 hours I noticed that the areas on which I had put the Themba on had healed significantly more than the other areas. I then continued to use the Themba on all the seriously affected areas and within 3 days the improvement was dramatic.

    I know there is no miracle cure for eczema as I do believe that the problems lie within the body but if I can keep the skin maintained to a good standard then I know I can keep infections at bay which cause so much distress.

    I now have the Themba to use whenever things are getting bad and have already recommended it to other mums who are having the same problems with their children.

    Many thanks for this wonderful pot of cream!

    Mrs F G, by letter


    Thank you so much for your Themba cream which I first purchased last summer. All my life I have been plagued by cold sores and have tried every single treatment on the market. Your Themba cream is little short of a miracle. Every time I felt the tell-tale tingle I just rubbed a little cream on to the area. No cold sore has appeared since! Furthermore, the virus seems to be weakening as it doesn't try to break out as often.

    I recommend it to everyone who suffers from cold sores and I never travel without it.

    Mrs G R, by letter


    Some time ago I ordered a jar of Themba herbal skin cream for my daughter who has had psoriasis since she was 6 years old. She is now 26. So you can imagine the amount of different creams and lotions she has used over the years to no avail.

    We cannot believe how your product [Themba] has helped her in such a short period. The difference in her skin is remarkable.

    Mrs B C, by letter


    We are delighted with the results of Themba, my husband's feet and nails are very much improved.

    JMS, by letter


    Many thanks for your splendid product Themba. My wife's dry skin on her hands has cleared up [using Themba] after years of trying various creams.

    H J, by letter


    Thanking you very much for the cream Themba. A big change in my psoriasis   and don't have to do so much hovering about the house with skin falling off ! Once again, a big thank you.

    CM, by letter


    Hello, I'm sure you must get this all the time, but I just had to thank you and your colleagues in Zimbabwe - from the bottom of my heart for what your products have done for me. I am so sceptical about these things, but the word miracle is exactly right. I'm not even sure what skin condition I had, but it was chronic facial acne rosacea or just acne or dermatitis or something... No dermatologist, allergist or hormonal specialist could help me.

    I have tried all of the following over the years with absolutely zero success:

    • Metrogel (metronidazol)
    • Trimovate Cream
    • Hormonal pills (from a hormone specialist at the ... Hospital)
    • Roaccutane
    • Dianette
    • Doxycycline
    • Graphites
    • Chinese herbal medicine
    • Fungal creams
    • Pychnogenol
    • Hydrocortisone
    • Nystatin
    • Cicatrin

    Etc etc! None of these even helped a tiny bit really.

    I'm using them both [Themba & Kuswera Zuro] twice a day one on top of the other but I've been cured, quite literally overnight, of redness and blistering embarrassing itchy stubborn deep rooted scarring pustules. The speed of healing of my existing condition is just incredible. This has changed my life especially socially, as the condition has been socially crippling.  

    ...I'm telling everyone I know. I'm reordering now!

    Now I just have a fear of not being able to get hold of the products for some reason!

    I just had to thank you. I'd be so happy to give testimonials if you'd like them although I suspect all of your customers must feel the same!

    Thank you so very much!

    --- and ---

    Here as promised is my testimonial for Themba and Kuswera Zuro.

    It sounds like the ultimate cliche but these two products have literally changed my life.

    I never believe in any type of miracle cure and have tried everything over the years, including roaccutane, hormone drugs, electrolysis, decades of waiting for it to ease, but Kuswera Zuro and Themba have given me my first clear healthy skin since puberty.

    I suffered from a combination of persistent acne and acne rosacea and now my skin is perfect. It was socially crippling and the cure has made me a happier more confident person.

    I now have a four month old baby and use the creams on his skin for mild eczema ...it works a treat. I cannot recommend these products highly enough and I think they should be available on the NHS.

    True miracle creams, the only genuine miracle product i have ever experienced in my life. By the way, in case of scepticism, the cessation of my 20 year old condition is nothing to do with hormonal changes after childbirth...the cure came about a year before i got pregnant.

    TS, London, by email


    I just thought you might like to know that since my son David started to use your Themba & Simba products, about 6 weeks ago, his psoriasis has greatly improved.

    He has suffered for about 16 years with little relief from conventional products and only obtaining temporary relief in hot sunshine. The most startling thing has been the regrowth of his fingernails. His wife, who has known him for 9 years, has never seen him with any fingernails before. Now his toenails have started to improve.

    I have just ordered your soap and shampoo bar in the hope that this will help the psoriasis in his scalp.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work.

    Mrs P B, by email


    I was recommended to use Themba by the Podiatrist, where I work, for my daughter who had persistent verrucas (she had had it recommended to her by another colleague for verrucas which she had had for 20 years!). She had had them for seven years and nothing we tried would get rid of them.

    My daughter has been using Themba for about 4 months and i am VERY glad to report that the verrucas have all gone, as have my colleagues. I and the podiatrist I work with have been recommending Themba to anyone that has verrucas or other skin problems.

    My daughter is so pleased she now doesn't have to be embarrassed and keep her feet covered.


    Nicola M, by email


    Themba, the magic potion. Considering we are an organism and part of the structure of the planet, trusting the earth to care for us through it's natural resources is the true reciprocal nature of Themba.

    What a product! It took only days to heal what a medical doctor's monthly prescriptions could not. It has so many uses beyond its recommendations.

    "Turn to Themba" is my motto from now on. Thank you Little Herbal!

    Siobahn D, Ireland


    I have suffered from severe cold sores for years and tried every lotion and potion you could image. At one point I was prescribed tablets by the doctor to try and reduce the occurrence of them. It was getting to the stage where I almost permanently had sores around my mouth and nose and my skin was becoming damaged. A friend at work recommended your Themba cream so having nothing to lose I ordered a jar.

    The result has been amazing. I started using the cream almost every other day on the areas which always flared up. I have had one small insignificant cold sore in 8 months which is swiftly disappearing with continued use of the cream. All the area of damaged skin has repaired and my face looks so much better.

    Out of curiosity I decided to apply the same cream to a cluster of 11 persistent verrucas on my 8 year old daughter's foot. I had tried the over the counter products but none of them cleared the foot. We applied the cream day and night for 3/4 weeks and to the delight of my daughter the verrucas have all vanished and the fact that the process was completely painless was a major plus for her.

    A few weeks ago my son received a second degree friction burn on his shin. I've been applying Themba to that too and it is healing beautifully.

    The cream has been really fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others as it has certainly made life less painful and ugly for me and my children.

    Mrs McIntosh, Aberdeen


    After 1-2 weeks of using your cream (Themba) my eczema is barely visible. I think that your cream was worth every penny of the price that it was worth.

    Louise, aged 10, Southampton


    I would like to say what a brilliant product (Themba) is. After suffering from psoriasis for the last 37 years this is the best product I have ever used.

    Mrs Jones, Yorkshire

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