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It is with a heavy heart  that I am announcing the wind-down of my Little Herbal Company due to the worsening effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. With four product lines in need of urgent restocking, increases in costs of raw material, air freight charges through the roof, postal charges climbing yet again, increases in individual country's customs charges, and duty and delivery times subject to huge delays, it is no longer viable to continue. 
For me and my Little Herbs this is heart-breaking. We have spent the last 21 years sending our products out into the world to help people suffering with chronic illnesses. We have long term customers who rely on a continuous supply to make it through the day, and many of them have become dear friends. We have weathered many storms, fought many battles against bureaucracy, and even moved to the other side of the world so that we could carry on providing our products to our customers. But the storm caused by Covid-19 is just too big.
We have now sold out of our supplements, Simba and Filisa, and cosmetic cream, Kuswera Zuro. Ironically, it is our stock of Themba Herbal Skin Cream which is currently plentiful – the product which launched Little Herbal Company back in 1999. However we will not be re-ordering this when our stocks run out.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking for alternative suppliers we can recommend to you.

Me te aroha,


. . . . . . . .



simba-sml.jpg         filisa-sml.jpg             

SIMBA: African Potato Tuber


FILISA: Sutherlandia Frutescens





themba60-sml.jpg       kz-sml.jpg         oshana-sml.jpg  
THEMBA: Kigelia Africana   KUSWERA ZURO: African Potato   OSHANA: Moisturiser for Dry Skin  



The bare minimum of natural ingredients and Kiwi herbs make these ultra-gentle super-soaps



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